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Hello! I'm Kirsten 

I am 33 years old. I am ready and eager to take on the challenge the Director of Clinical Engineering would present. While I have gained experience and wisdom in my previous jobs, I would also value other's opinions and input. I am a team player! I would love to join your group of committed co-workers and embark on a career of excellence, compassion, and fulfillment at Mercy Health Ministry in Fort Smith, Arizona. 


Kirsten Kires

Applying for: 

Director of Clinical Engineering 






Catholic Health Services of Long Island 

As a Biomedical Engineering Technician I perform preventative maintenance testing on various medical devices, provide on call emergency services, and evaluate equipment for incoming inspection. I use my communication and problem solving skills everyday. I also have to understand and ensure departmental safety. This requires me to work collaboratively with others in a leadership role.

                                                2023 - 2026

                                        Repair Technician

Stress Corporation - Fort Lauderdale, FL

For three years I worked as a Repair Technician. I was responsible for repairing surgical devices. Skills necessary for this job were knowledge of medial terminology, good eye-hand coordination, and excellent time management.  

Summer 2020

EpiFinder - Scottsdale, AZ

The summer leading into my junior year I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to intern for Epifinder. Epifinder is an organization that helps diagnose people with epilepsy. I had access to the most up- to-date research on epilepsy. I learned how to search through bibliographical databases, developed an understanding of medical diagnoses, and collaborated closely with product development and business teams. I also learned the value of attention to detail and how to adapt to various competing demands.


Bachelor's Degree


I attended the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. I was a part of the Biomedical Health and Science Program and graduated with honors. In college I took computer science classes, business management classes, and other necessary classes for my program. I was involved in many clubs and studied abroad in England for a semester during my junior year. 


I attended Cicero North Syracuse High School and graduated in the top ten percent of my class. I was involved in numerous music ensembles including, Chamber Orchestra, Pops Orchestra, Syracuse Youth Orchestra, and the pit orchestra for the musical, Oklahoma. I also played Varsity Volleyball and volunteered for my local hospital and my church. I'm a member of Luther Memorial Lutheran Church. I was in the youth group and was an acolyte during service. 


High School Diploma


Microsoft Offices - Advanced

Knowledge of Human Physiology

Team Player

Good Oral and Presentation Skills



Problem Solver


Technical Ability - Advanced

Detail Oriented 

Excellent Research and Synthesis Skills



Financial Planner

Knowledge of Medical Terminology

Summer 2017

In the summer of 2017 I volunteered twice a week at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, New York. I volunteered in the E.R. and the Post Surgery Room. I learned how to communicate with the patients and I learned their stories. This volunteer opportunity helped further my passion to work in the medical field.

Spring Semester Junior Year
I studied abroad in England. I enjoyed learning how to repair medical equipment in some of the most prestigious hospitals. Hospitals like Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital, St. James’ Institute of Oncology/Leeds Cancer Centre, Vale Hospital, and Guy’s and St. Thomas’. These opportunities helped me get hired for my first job in Florida. 
Becoming a Technicain 

After a few years of being a repair technician I was offered the Biomedical Engineering Job on Long Island. Here I learned how to utilize all of my skills and prepare myself to be a Director of Clinical Engineering. 

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